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With my nutrition background and connection within the food manufacturing industry, I started with the most nutritious superfoods  and sustainable ingredients to make the first GaiaMeal
The goal was to make sure it is full of superfoods power, 100% plant-based, tastes great and needs to keep me full for longer so I don’t have to start eating junk food again. 
The first attempt didn't work very well. The mixture had clumps and didn't blend.
Second time failed.. third time I failed... the attempts that came after were all but successful... But finally tenth time though…. The 
recipe came out PERFECT. I’ve managed to combine all my 
superfoods and healthy oats into a satisfying and 



I then spend the next 3-6 months (working with a top UK based food manufacturer) getting the flavour right. Trust me it was a tough job. I’ve tried so many plant-based protein shakes and they all taste so bad and grainy.
Oh by the way, I’ve made GaiaMeal using 100% plant-based 
ingredients. It is better for the body and the planet. Trust me!
At the beginning of 2019 I started using GaiaMeal as a complete meal replacement. And soon some of my friends joined the band and started using GaiaMeal as well…
It’s amazing to see how my health crash turned into a complete solution that we all can benefit from.
I then realised that I don't want GaiaMeal to stay just between me and my friends, I wanted it to spread through the globe making 
others lives healthier and more productive. 
It's a BIG dream but worth chasing....
As you know I chased it! And the rest is history.
GaiaMeal is made with sustainable ingredients. Because we use 100% plant-based ingredients its GOOD for the planet and the environment. 
Surely we all have a responsibility to care for our Blue Planet....
Our community was built under foundation of this story. If I can do it you can do it too. If you got big dream or a small dream its worth chasing.
We were made to PUSH limits 
put this world back on track.
And since it is a social movement, I've decided to DONATE 10% of Profits to Save Wildlife in Africa as well.