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How To Get Started On Your Plant Based Journey

How To Get Started On Your Plant Based Journey

People go into plant-based diets for many different reasons. From ethical, to environmental, to health reasons, all are valid. Whatever lead you into your new dietary choices, you may find that your friends or family do not agree with you.

Quite often, this comes from a fear of change. Your friends and family might be scared about your new journey, they may worry about your health, or that you’ll no longer be able to join them at mealtimes.

How To Smoothly Transition To A Plant-Based Diet

Common Plant-Based Mistake: No Support

A support system is essential to your new diet. Your body and your mind will be shifting to the changes, and you’ll need someone to keep you accountable. You’ll also love to talk to someone about the amazing benefits of a plant-based life! 

If your loved ones are concerned about your new diet, show them the nutritional benefits of the food you are eating. If they still worry, make an appointment with your doctor and bring them with you.

If your family is concerned about mealtimes, offer to help cook, or provide some meat-free options to common meals in your home. Even a BBQ needs someone to make a good salad!

How To Smoothly Transition To A Plant-Based Diet

If you’re still finding issues with your friends or family members around your new diet, don’t be afraid to find others who support you. If you are healthy, and your doctor is supportive of your new lifestyle, there is no reason for your loved ones to be concerned.

There are many online forums, Instagram pages & websites, where you can connect with fellow plant-based individuals. There are even sites these days that offer plant-based events, where you can meet many new friends. A great website to register on is

Remember to always keep safe if you choose to use these sites, and always let a friend know where you are going, what time, and when you’ll be expected home.

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