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Vegan Hummus Recipe... Dips, Spreads and So Much More

Vegan Hummus Recipe... Dips, Spreads and So Much More

Easy, fast, and versatile is how I like to describe this yummy recipe. You only need a few ingredients, and they can be used as dips, sauces, or as a condiment. The possibilities are endless.

Vegan dip

The yogurt dip can be eaten as your morning yogurt or served on a platter alongside fruit. It’s also a great healthy snack alternative for kids.

Dips, Spreads and So Much More

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Who needs avocado toast when you can have a protein-filled morning.  A red bean and chocolate hummus might seem like an odd combination, but trust me, it works. You can top your toast with your favourite fruit, and for some added crunch, the granola from the chia pudding recipe works great as well!! 

  • Chocolate and Red Bean Hummus
  • 475g Canned Red Beans
  • 1tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 14g GaiaMeal Chocolate Powder
  • 92g Almond Milk
  • 15g Coconut Sugar
  • 13g Coconut Oil

healthy vegan and plant based dip or sauces

Drain the canned red beans and rinse in cold water, removing any excess juice from the beans.

In a food processor, add in the red beans, vanilla extract, GaiaMeal Chocolate, almond milk, coconut sugar, and coconut oil.

Pulse until combined, and the beans have formed a puree.

The mixture to a bowl and refrigerate.

- Recipe by Christy Velasquez

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