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Common Plant-Based Mistake: All at Once

Common Plant-Based Mistake: All at Once

A plant-based diet omits all or most animal products. Animal products include things like meat, eggs, and milk.  If you’re considering a plant-based life, consult with your doctor first. Whilst it may seem like a drastic change at first, going plant-based opens up a world of nutrition and new foods to enjoy!

As you’ve grown up, you have likely not noticed the number of animal products you consume daily. You may enjoy bacon in your breakfasts, spent a Sunday cooking a roast, or treated yourself to an ice-cream on a hot summer’s day. The thought of removing all this food from your routine may be scary and overwhelming.


Slowly drop one thing at a time from your diet. One morning, choose Oat Milk for your coffee. For dinner one night, try a veggie curry. On a day out? Go with a sorbet, instead of ice cream. When these daily habits start changing, you’ll notice it will become easier and easier to choose plant-based options.

You may be worried that you are losing out on nutrients, by removing things from your diet. It has been proven that plant-based foFree Vegan and plant based facebook community by GaiaTribe cood is often much more nutritious than its omnivore alternative. A great way to ensure you give your body everything it needs is to make smoothies in the morning. You can throw many ingredients into a smoothie, including supplements, to boost your body. Hand and stand-alone blenders are available in most home goods stores and are very affordable.

Some great ingredients to consider is Banana & Avocado for creaminess, Frozen Berries for convenience, and Gaia Meal for an all-in-one supplement. Gaia Meal is a powder supplement with Kale, Acai Berry, Spirulina, and many other superfoods. Adding this to any smoothie will ensure a tasty, healthy start to your day.

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