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5 Reasons Why Fast Food Is Not A Good Idea To Fight hanger

5 Reasons Why Fast Food Is Not A Good Idea To Fight hanger

The common misconception and obvious answer is “not eating”.

However, according to experience and science, it’s this:

Eating the WRONG foods.

​Namely, foods that cause hanger and mood swings.

These include most fast foods, synthetic “foods” and artificial ingredients that are known to cause cravings, gut problems and blood sugar swings.

But what makes some types of foods create hanger?

Isn’t it better to eat just about anything instead of being hungry, after all?

Hint: the answer is not the food itself, but what it causes in our bodies.

Let me explain.

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Fast food CREATES hanger, instead of fighting it. Studies show that blood sugar swings caused by sugar, fast carb-laden and low nutrient density ingredients are the main culprit for hanger and sapped energy.

Fast food is not even that cheap when you look at the nutritional value of what you’re ACTUALLY getting. 

A handful of nuts and dried berries has up to 10x the nutrients of a fast food meal, at a fraction of the cost of takeout.

Be honest - was the last fast food meal really a rich social experience? More often than not, not like one a nice meal can provide, anyway. So why not enjoy something quick and rejuvenating, and save that time and money for those times. 

A real-food snack is usually 30-45 minutes faster than grabbing takeout or even ordering fast food.

“But I want my lunches to be social!”

So do I, and there’s every reason to enjoy food in good company! 

Ideally, every meal could be a soul-nourishing event that inspires our minds and showers our bodies with health-upgrading real-food goodness.

However, all too often this option is not on the table. Life gets in the way. We have families, people we care about, jobs and missions to think about.

Friends and loved ones demand our attention.

Adventures, passions, and hobbies that nourish the soul.

Taking time to do nothing and just be.

As you know, this means that not every meal can be a four-hour feast.

Before you know it, you end up eating crap hunched over your desk or on the go - Wondering why you’re feeling sick, tired, sad and bloated, and feeling like something’s seriously off.

Enjoying lavish social meals together with family and friends is one of the great joys in life for me. These are the highlights of each week. For less social situations, I choose great options that nourish my body and mind with zero hassle plant based real food options and without wasting time and money on things I (or my body and gut health) don’t really enjoy that much.

Most fast food options practically invite hanger.

Why? Because their cheap, nutrient-devoid ingredients and fast carbs create wild blood sugar swings and cause a severe lack of willpower for the rest of the day. 


A whole food snack is faster, as convenient, and certainly better for your health and focus for the rest of your day. Mission hanger elimination: successful. Heck, I can even use the time saved to grab a hot cup with a colleague and get the best of both worlds, without crapping all over my focus for the rest of the day.


My go-to zero prep real food snacks - I always pack 2 options

A trail mix with almonds, brazil nuts and cashews + dried cranberries in a resealable bag. I keep this in my bag wherever I go. If I’m looking for a hot kick, I add some chili kale chips and wasabi soy beans.

My other option is GaiaMeal. It's so versatile and nutritious. I take GaiaMeal to the office and when I'm going on my adventures. I have a GaiaMeal bag in the office and at home. This helps to save so much time and money. Whenever I'm feeling hungry or I'm running between meetings I have a GaiaMeal shake. The perfect way to enjoy a complete meal without any fuzz.

Jeniffer - Full-time lawyer and part-time adventurer



Alternatives to Fast Food
There are a number of alternatives to fast food that can provide healthier and more sustainable options. Eating at home is one of the best alternatives to fast food, as it allows you to control the quality and quantity of the ingredients that you use.

Eg: You GaiaMeal is made with 100% planet friendly ingredients. 
Sustainable plant-based ingredients. Zero animal products. Better for your body and amazing for the planet. And the best part is every GaiaMeal sold helps to plant trees, save wildlife and remove ocean plastics.

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Preparing meals in advance is another great alternative to fast food, as it allows you to plan and prepare meals ahead of time. Eating at restaurants that offer healthier options, such as salads and sandwiches, is also a great alternative to fast food.



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