All-In-One Tribal SuperMeal

One Meal For Your Whole Body, Soul and The Planet.


Tribal Wisdom To Fuel Modern Life

Inspired by ancient wisdom to nourish your body, soul, satisfy your hunger and sustain you on the journey of life. GaiaMeal’s nutrients support benefits such as:

GaiaMeal Superfoods shake, plant based and vegan meal replacement for busy city workers, brain food to optimise the day

Supermeal On-The-Go

Whether you are hiking mountain Everest, running a business, or running a family, GaiaMeal gives you all your essential nutrients to rule the day.

  • Complete Nutrition Your Body Needs

    Only the highest quality ingredients we’d give to our family and friends. Everything your body needs nothing more.

  • 100% Plant-Based

    Sustainable plant-based ingredients. Zero animal products. Better for your body and amazing for the planet.

  • Insanely Healthy

    Sourced From Earth’s Most Powerful Superfoods Fuel Your Modern Busy lives. With GaiaMeal on your side now you can get all your healthy superfoods and calories in one drink… perfectly balanced meal.

  • Try It-Love It Guarantee

    Try GaiaMeal for 30 days and see how you feel. If you don’t absolutely love it, we’ll refund your money.

GaiaMeal , Get the functional fuel you need to thrive from organic superfoods and plant-based proteins.

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Superfoods Meal From Clean, Natural Plant-Based Ingredients.

We fell in love with the raw power of mother nature, so we named our product GaiaMeal™. We believe that a happy life begins with nurturing yourself from the inside with healthy and nutritious foods.

Better For You, Kinder To The Planet.

GaiaMeal - World’s Most Sustainable Plant-Based Superfoods Supemeal. Every GaiaMeal sold helps to save wildlife, plant trees and remove plastics from the oceans.

Nourish Your Body + Mind In Seconds.

Get the functional fuel you need to thrive from amazing superfoods and natures best plant-based proteins.

Optimal Nutrition For Your Busiest Days.

GaiaMeal provides an easy, real-food meal in second to help you eat optimally on your busiest days—or anytime you need a fast, healthy meal - achieve optimal nutrition at your desk, at home, in the gym or on the go.

Our Rockstars Sharing Stories

Feeling full for longer.... With my busy life as a hairdresser, GaiaMeal helps me to stay full for longer and energise, so that I can focus more.

I don't have to shop for food anymore...To be able to use GAIAMEAL on the road & at work has given me so much energy back and I feel much more healthy during our intense work tours. 

The best solution for busy lives...Want to see what you are truly made of? Travel and do something that scares you. You can do it. GAIAMEAL helps us to do that.

It's Time To Ditch Your Average Breakfast And Start Your Day With GaiaMeal.

Save The Planet. Feel Good.

We believe that everybody has the right to live a healthy life. Our goal is to encourage people to live sustainably for the future of our planet.


To make something truly remarkable you have to work with ambitious individuals. Our belief is that a healthy sustainable living should be an option available to everyone.

So in 2018 we embarked on a mission to empower healthy lifestyles by bringing together all the best superfoods into a single, ready-to-go planet friendly supermeal.